TCGunion Vision Statement

TCGplayer presents itself as a company defined by its ideals, claiming to empower its employees to make a difference both inside their workplace and through their impact on our customers’ experience. However, the Core Values now ring hollow for too many of us who work at the Authentication Center every day. We have seen our fellow workers unfairly disciplined and consistently ignored when they try to make their voices heard. Our mental health has been impacted by the relentless insistence on metrics, creating a culture of anxiety as we desperately try to keep up with unfair standards of performance. We cannot rely on management to communicate, from individual accommodation requests to sweeping changes that affect the entire AC. Supply Chain employees are the lifeblood of the Authentication Center, deserving of dignity and respect, and we are organizing to become members of the Communications Workers of America and make TCGplayer a truly great place to work!

We are organizing for:

  • Wages that account for cost of living and cost of inflation, not just cost of labor, as well as an end to pay caps. We are not machines!

  • A fair and comprehensive Sick Leave and Absence policy that does not punish people for factors they cannot control.

  • Just cause and clear grievance and discipline procedures, applied equally to management. This includes the end of targeted retaliation using Performance Improvement Plans and write-ups that prevent workers from advancing in the company.

  • Inclusive opportunities for advancement and fair and transparent hiring practices.

  • A greater emphasis on what we can achieve together instead of the overbearing focus on individual metrics. We are adults; trust us to do our jobs!

  • Fast and straightforward communication with People Success, especially as it pertains to the disability accommodation process. The current drawn out and emotionally taxing accommodation process adversely impacts employees who are already vulnerable.

  • Greater focus on quality. Many of us are passionate about increasing the quality of our product in order to benefit customers, sellers, and our company reputation.

  • Clear job expectations and duties, and the proper resources and training to successfully complete our tasks. A redefinition of the Generalist job title so that roles and responsibilities do not encompass every single task in multiple departments of the AC.

  • A seat at the table so we can have a say in changes that occur and therefore increase transparency about these changes.

We see TCGplayer’s potential, and we want it to live up to its Core Values in all aspects. Through organizing we have embarked on a Quest for Knowledge with our fellow workers because we know that we are strongest when we work together, and when everyone’s voices are heard in a Community for All. By forming our union we are Motivating Our Peers and Going Beyond to support each other, customers, and sellers to create the best TCGplayer for all of us. We are Inspired by Passion for our work and for our collective health and well-being. For many of us, this is the best job we have ever had, and we want every employee to be able to proudly say that.