Bargaining Update #1 – 9/8/2023

We’ve had some big wins and movement over the past couple of weeks. The Bargaining Committee had their first meeting with representatives for eBay on Friday, September 8. This was an introductory meeting to set our ground rules for bargaining, and it was a productive first step towards securing an excellent first contract.

Here are the top takeaways: 

  • Throughout bargaining, both sides will have proposals that will be negotiated over until both parties have agreed on the details of the proposals. Then, the proposal will be signed by both parties as a tentative agreement. Once all the subjects of bargaining have tentative agreements, the collection of those agreements will become our first tentative contract, which will then be sent to the Bargaining Unit for a vote. 
    • If the vote passes, the tentative contract will be ratified into our first contract.
    • If the vote does not pass, we will return to bargaining and revisit any problematic tentative agreements and renegotiate the details.
  • Both parties have agreed to bargain over non-economic subjects first. Once we have come to tentative agreements on non-economic subjects we will bargain over the economic subjects of bargaining.
    • Examples of non-economic subjects: safety, breaks, disciplinary policy, etc.
    • Examples of economic subjects: Wages, retirement, time-off, etc.
  • Our Bargaining Committee had three initial proposals for eBay. We expect eBay to return these proposals by our next bargaining session, where we will negotiate over any proposed changes and then sign them as tentative agreements.
    • Firstly, we proposed an Article of Recognition. This means that the company will recognize our Union as our sole representative for collective bargaining agreements.
    • We proposed a policy of non-discrimination. This is an agreement that neither party will discriminate against employees based on immutable or protected characteristics.
    • Lastly, we proposed a grievance procedure. This is the procedure by which we would handle contractual disagreements or misunderstandings between members of our Union and eBay.
  • Finally, the Bargaining Committee emphasized the importance of addressing the extra financial burdens that our membership has had to suffer due to the recent payroll and integration issues. We outlined our expectations that eBay ensure that individuals are made whole for any financial consequences of these ongoing issues, including covering late fees and overdraft fees, and ensuring that out-of-pocket medical expenses have been reimbursed.
    • We have committed to providing eBay with a list of affected individuals and information about the nature of the consequences that they have experienced.
  • Our Unit Clarification hearing begins on October 3rd, and could take up to three days. This is when the NLRB will make determinations on the inclusion of the departments that cast challenge ballots (Leads, R&D, Training, Quality, Seller Ops, Facilities).
  • Our next bargaining session is scheduled for October 6th.
  • Our Union’s bargaining team for September 8 included Bob Guy and Briana Thomas, along with Ethan Salerius stepping in as an alternate for Richard Vallejo while the inclusion of R&D in the bargaining unit has not yet been determined. They were joined by Chris Ryan, Local 1123 President, and Mike Garry, District 1 staff representative.

While bargaining is ongoing, the Bargaining Committee is thoroughly analyzing the results of the bargaining survey. We have first identified the high priority issues and the overarching themes of those issues. The high-priority issues that were identified in the bargaining survey are as follows:

  • Time off
  • Pay
  • Accountability & Transparency
  • Attendance Policies
  • Advancement

Other key issues identified in the bargaining survey were:

  • Metrics
  • Job security
  • Disciplinary procedures
  • Accommodations
  • Policy changes