MoU: eBay Bonus Payouts

Last week, TCGplayer announced via email that the bargaining unit, including contested roles, would be eligible for eBay’s bonus program (known as the Employee Incentive Program or eIP) for 2023. We did, in fact, agree to their plan for including the bargaining unit in the bonus payout, and drafted a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to sign during our last bargaining session. We received the signed and fully executed MoU today!

What does this mean? This means that we have come to an agreement to allow eBay to replace TCGplayer’s old bonus payments, typically a few hundred dollars paid out in December, with eBay’s Employee Incentive Program.

The eIP details:

  • Your target bonus percentage can be found in your offer letter and in the HRIS. 
  • The eIP consists of 2 components: 50% dependent on company financial objectives and 50% on individual performance metrics 
  • For the AC, the individual performance component will be calculated at 100% across all individuals 
  • They have not yet announced the company component of the eIP yet 
  • The eIP is expected to be paid out on February 16th, 2024 
  • This agreement only applies to the eIP for 2023, and future bonus structures and payouts, including participation in the eIP, will be negotiated into the contract.

What is the significance of this? All eligible employees in the bargaining unit will be receiving the 2023 eIP payout! Beyond that, eBay signing a Memorandum of Understanding is a huge step in the right direction. Up until this point, they have said that they refuse to come to any agreements concerning the bargaining unit prior to finalizing a first contract. This MoU shows that they are fully aware that they are able to make changes to our working conditions as long as we agree to it through a Memorandum of Understanding. We look forward to continuing this practice to reach agreement on pressing issues for our members.

It is important to understand that eBay could sign MoUs for things like pay raises, especially in light of the recent increase in minimum wage in New York State, but they have refused because they are not legally obligated to agree to implement anything during ongoing negotiations. Signing this MoU has set a precedent that is imperative to leverage. There is no reason why the most impactful issues have to wait until a first contract is ratified—we need change now, and we must push eBay to do the right thing in negotiations with our Union.

Things like this only happen when we come together to show management how strong we are. Without the support from our unit, the Bargaining Committee will not have the leverage we need to address these issues.

The other stuff: We are consistently dealing with bad-faith acting on behalf of eBay: including ongoing status quo violations, accommodations issues, heightened discipline, and the newest installation of an excessive number of surveillance cameras. The Bargaining Committee is working hard on addressing these issues at the bargaining table, through filing ULPs (unfair labor practices), and by gathering information to help affected workers file complaints with the appropriate federal agency. If you experience any discipline, investigations, accommodations issues, issues with management, or have any other work-related concerns, please contact a member of the Bargaining Committee immediately. We can only address the issues we know about.

We strongly encourage everyone to attend members’ meetings, read emails, stay up to date on Discord, and talk to your coworkers about these issues regularly. We will be spreading information on important actions, bargaining updates, and more through these channels, and staying informed is the most important way to participate in our Union. It probably doesn’t need repeating but: We are stronger together, and when we fight for the things we deserve, we win!

As always, please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.